Butler County Coroner

Since 2012, Dr. Lisa Mannix has served as Butler County Coroner. In 2013, she left her private medical practice and has dedicated her time fully to the Butler County Coroner’s Office. She was re-elected in November 2016 and is a 2020 candidate.

The mission of the Butler County Coroner’s Office is to provide accurate, thorough and efficient medicolegal investigations related to violent, suspicious, unusual or sudden deaths. Our commitment provides dignity and respect to the dead while providing compassionate and truthful answers to the living. Dr. Mannix is fortunate to have an excellent staff aid her in this endeavor. To help fulfill the mission of the Coroner’s Office, we have modernized office technology and transportation and implemented new policies — all to improve efficiency and safety and to reduce costs to the taxpayers. Dr. Mannix has fostered relationships throughout Butler County with law enforcement, EMS, hospitals, and civic organizations.  Throughout the past few years, we have seen a steady increase in cases investigated by the coroner’s office, especially related to the opioid epidemic. However, while the case load has increased, she has been able to control spending and wisely manage Butler County taxpayer dollars.

Thank you for your support of Dr. Lisa Mannix, Butler County Coroner!